Train Wreck Comedy
Crashing on August 23rd - 8:30pm
Tickets available at The Copper Mug
Call - (250) 493-2842



Brett Martin
Vancouver, BC

With a reckless style that is blazing its own path, Brett Martin’s Comedy is a refreshing take on Stand up. Martin’s Comedy is straight from the heart and mind of a man who fits seamlessly on the outer limits of life. With an almost confessional style and jokes that can come dangerously close to the edge, Brett Martin’s Comedy leaves you laughing and thinking at the same time.

His resume includes regular play on XM Satellite Radio XM’s ‘Laff Attack’ and ‘The Comedy Store’ in London, England, Martin has also featured in countless Comedy Clubs, Colleges and Festivals. Having taken almost two years off of touring to experiment with such things as real employment and home making, he’s thrilled to return to Comedy and share his new, unique and happier perspective with audiences.Blessed with a spirit akin to Hunter S. Thompson, the sex appeal of Neil Young and a mind gone wild, Brett Martin’s name will be a fixture on the Stand up Comedy scene for now and the future.


Simon King
Vancouver, BC

It may sound cliche but Simon is back in town due to popular demand and is a performer you DON'T WANT TO MISS!!!

His unmistakable mind-blowing style, powerful commanding stage presence and lightning wit will win you over but the sheer hilarity and spontaneity of his performance will keep you coming back for more.

From the simple to the surreal, from topical to absurd there's no doubt that Simon King is truly exceptional and like nothing else in the comedy world. Simon has appeared at some of the biggest comedy festival in North America and you may have seen him on his CTV Comedy Now! television special.